Volunteer With BHRL

At Basset Hound Rescue League, our goal is to see that no dog goes without a home and proper care. This is where you can make a difference! As a non-profit organization, we rely on the help of volunteers to make our organization a success. With your help and the help of the community, we'll continue to rescue dogs years after year.

If you're willing to spend your own time and money on a cause that you believe in 100%, get in touch with BHRL today! We ask that you volunteer no less than two hours a week, but would be absolutely grateful for any amount of time you can spare. You'll know just how gratifying it can be to help an animal in need!
Basset hound

Five Ways Volunteers Can Help Save Dogs

  1. Transport rescued dogs from a shelter to a veterinary hospital, foster home, or kennel
  2. Take photographs of hounds to be posted on our website and/or adoption posters
  3. Visit and walk the rescued dogs at various boarding facilities
  4. Help out with one of our adoption events
  5. Host a fundraiser (garage sale, raffle, etc.) and donate the proceeds to Basset Hound Rescue League
You Can
Help Keep Dogs
Out Of Shelters!
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